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You wake up just to realize you are late to school. It's your first day at Hikori High School. You are unsure if you have choosed the right school. The school's  specialization is that they have aesthetics 5 programs. Art, music, theater, media and dance. What should you chooose?!

Maybe meeting other students will be otterly fun . . . or?



"Otter Of My Life Is About Building Relationships With Animal Teens"
- Siliconera.com

"Otter Of My Life Has 5 Otters To Befriend" - Indiegames.com

"Otter of My Life é um visual novel sobre... lontras adolescentes" - voxel.com.br

"Unohda pulut ja kissat – nyt deittaillaan saukkoja"- pelaajalehti.com


Linku: Director, Story, CG, character art, design, scripting

Rahul: Beta tester, Proofreader

MY ★: Editor

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