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The full game will be released on steam 2019.


You wake up just to realize you are late to school. It's your first day at Hikori High School. You are unsure if you have choosed the right school. The school's  specialization is that they have aesthetics 5 programs. Art, music, theater, media and dance. What should you chooose?!

Maybe meeting other students will be otterly fun . . . or?


TAKARA: A Second year student at the theater programe. He has a cheerful and bright personality. A (panro) panromantic otter.

ERICK: A exchange student from Sweden.  He are going to study the art programe. Likes manga and anime. Shy but ambitious. He is a homoromatic (ace & gay) otter.

HIBIKI: First year student who is going to study music programe. Confident and brave. She is a (biro) biromantic otter.

GYEONG: A third year student at the dance programe. He seems to like hip-hop. Cool and relaxed. A (demi) demiromantic otter.

PIXEL: A neighbour? You meet her on your way home after your first school day. She is a energetic gamer. A (ace) asexual otter.


The final game will features:

  • 5 playable days & after endings
  • 22  CG's images & collectible in a CG gallery
  • 7 Bad story ends, 5 Good ends, 9 Bad relationships ends
  • 5 otters & 5 side characters
  • Music & SFX
  • HD graphic
  • Choose your own name
  • Available for Mac & Windows


"Otter Of My Life Is About Building Relationships With Animal Teens"
- Siliconera.com

"Otter Of My Life Has 5 Otters To Befriend" - Indiegames.com


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Version 1


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This game speaks to me on a profound level.